Welcome to our Instavox page

Over to you!

What follows is an example of the kind of information you can include in this pop-up. You can add text, photos, videos or any other information you feel that your audience would find useful or encouraging before recording a voice message for you. We can build this page for you, or, you can build your own webpage and just provide us with the link to it.

Here's an example what you could include in this instructions pop-up:

What should I say?

This is entirely up to you! We love hearing your questions, feedback, stories and opinions! We're all about giving our listeners a voice, and we love hearing what you have to say. So just tap the record button, and speak your mind!

We've put together a brief intro video to make a few suggestions... have a look! 

Your video above - you can it on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or with any other hosting provider and just provide us with the link for us to include on this page.

What exactly is Instavox?

It's how WE are able to hear from YOU, simply and easily, through the web. No need to register or download any apps. Just close this window, tap the record button and speak freely! 

You can pause and resume recording, and if you're happy with your message, press send! We'll receive your message and hear you loud and clear, as if you were sitting right here beside us... we love it! 

How will you use my voice message?

We may feature your message on our podcast, or share it on our website. And if we do feature you, we'll send you a free XXX just to say thank you! 

Are you ready? Just close this window (it's the X in the top right), and record your message for us. We look forward to hearing you! 

Jamie and the XXXX team

Oh and one last thing - you can choose the text for the button on the recording page, according to what would make sense to your audience and use case: "Instructions", "Read this first", or maybe "a few quick tips" - you choose...